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Dirt Dash Central

These rules are for Bayfield County  and Gogebic County Dirt Dash Racing ONLY. You will need to contact Ashland County for their rules.

Registration is open for this year.

*********Just a reminder you have to 18 yrs or older to race and over 16 to be in the pits. You will need to show your license when you register.

*******One new change****** We are requesting that helmets, window nets and seatbelts be left on until you are back in the pits. Last year there was a problem after the checkered flag dropped and someone was hit and had already taken their helmet off. Thanks for your cooperation we want everyone to be safe. Other than that no other rules changes at this time.

******Lets please limit the people that are in the pits. I know you want to have your friends and family with but they can watch from the stands. Some drivers have extremely large pit crews and we all know they are not pit crew. This is for safety reasons. If you can't set a limit we may be forced too. Please help us out with this we don't want to have to set a limit. Thanks!!

Dirt Dash racing is where you take a bunch of front wheel drive unmodified cars out to race on an off road course. Pretty much anything goes on the track except for intentional roughness.There is a lot of excitement and even some rollovers usually. This is something the whole family can enjoy. We at Dirt Dash Central  want to make this a great time for all involved, both the drivers and spectators. The Bayfield County dirt dash  will be on Sunday August 13th at 1:00 pm. Registration will start at 9:00 am. You will have to be registered and teched by noon to race. Gogebic County Fair Dirt Dash will be on August 27th. Registration starts at noon and you have to be teched by 2:00pm. Pit meeting at 2:30 and racing starts at 3:00. Registration fee for Gogebic is $12.00 for driver or pit crew. We are not associated with the Ashand County Dirt Dash. They have their own rules. You will have to talk to them to find out what their rules are for their race. If you would like to check out what else is going on at the fair log on to  or and check it out. Lots of fun things going on for the whole family.

We will be staying with the Pro and AM classes. This seems to be what more people want. The plan is to run 6 cars in a race with 5 laps in the  heats and 7 laps in the features depending on the cars left to race. We are hoping to run 3 heats then the features depending on the car count. If there is extra time and enough cars left we will run a dash for cash with cars that  did not win in the features. May even be an extra surprise to that race.

If you have and questions, comments or suggestions you can contact Ralph at 715-682-3300  to leave a message or by email at