Dirt Dash Central

These rules are for Bayfield County Dirt Dash Racing ONLY. You will need to contact Ashland County or other fairs for their rules.

  • The pits and track area are for drivers and pit crew, NOT for spectators.
  • The minimum age allowed in the pits is 16 years of age if driving. NO exceptions. No kids or babies.
  • All drivers must be at least 16 years old to drive this year.
  •  Every person in the pits or racetrack area must have a "pit pass" wrist band. NO exceptions! A "pit pass" is $15.00 per person and it allows access to the entire fair grounds, rides and grandstands.
  • Every person in the pit and track area must complete and sign a Bayfield  or Ashland County liability waiver before a "pit pass" wristband will be issued.
  • Everyone in the pits MUST be on a drivers crew to be allowed in. They have to be listed at time of registration and CAN NOT be added after you have registered. 
  • All drivers MUST attend the drivers meeting.
  •  All participants and crews will enter the pit area only through the pit gate - gate 4 off Range Line Road (Hood's Road) on the west end of the fair grounds for Bayfield County. Ashland County pit gate is on the north end of the fair grounds. DO NOT bring vehicles and equipment through the general admissions gates.
  • Vehicle prep is not allowed to be done in the pit area. Please do not dump glass from door bottoms, remove moldings or interior padding in the pits. This should be done before entering the pit/track area.
  •  Garbage bags, trash cans and bathrooms are provided. Please use them and make sure your area is cleaned up before you leave.
  •  No alcohol or controlled substances are allowed in the pits at all. This includes beer. Anyone judged to be under the influence will be escorted out. This is to include drivers and crew.
  •   If the rules do not specify if you can or cannot do something, assume that you cannot do it. Call to ask.
  • All prize money is paid in cash.
  • The ruling of the officials in each event is final. NO exceptions. NO arguing. Remember, we are your friends and neighbors, volunteering our time to put on a show to make a better fair. Our job is to provide you and the spectators a fun event.
  • For safety reasons, or any other consideration, the rules may be changes at any time by the officials.
  • Vehicles may be left for disposal in the pit area as directed by the officials. 
  • We would really appreciate it if before you leave you clean up your area. Thank you.